AFL-CIO unit to appeal decision favoring scabs, company

A Steuben County Judge says picketers can no longer use cameras or video cameras outside the Painted Post plant. According to court documents, that's only one part of the judge's ruling as to how picketers have been ordered to behave.

On the list of eight orders, picketers cannot engage in disorderly conduct like shouting. But some of the rules are not sitting with well with picketers and their lawyers. "They can and we can't this should have nothing to do with the picketing and the issue at hand," said picketer Noel Sylvester.

The judge's order comes after Dresser Rand officials filed an injunction, saying the picketer's behavior was causing problems. The strike over health benefits started in August.

Since then, some workers say they've been threatened and yelled at by picketers. They also say they've had trouble getting into and out of the plant because picketers purposely walk in front of their cars. Union lawyers say they plan to appeal the judge's decision.

In a press release, Dresser Rand Spokesperson Dan Meisner said, “We are extremely pleased with this decision. This injunction will help to protect our salaried employees, our newly hired replacement workers, and, perhaps most significantly, those employees that have chosen to cross the picket line and return to their jobs."

"That's the ruling, so I guess that's what we have to go with," said picketer Bill Davenport. "We've got the guards that are filming every move we make every time anyone comes in and out. We have no proof if anything happens," said picketer Tom Kerwan.


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