Teachers strike looms Monday in Ohio

After meeting for nearly five hours Friday, Harrison Hills (OH) teachers and the Board of Education appeared no closer to an agreement. Teachers told 7News they will meet Sunday evening to decide whether they will the picket lines on Monday.

On Thursday evening, teachers marched on the board office. Teachers expressed concerns to 7News about the security firm, Huffmaster, that would be moving in during a strike.

Linda Rusen with the teachers' union said the security personnel had used intimidation tactics. Harrison County Sheriff Mark Miller agreed. "That is true. They've done some," he said. "There was an incident where someone was getting license plate numbers. One teacher thought she saw someone underneath a car."

Superintendent Jim Drexler said all of the security people have had a background check. "Those guards, security guards and substitutes that work here all go through a BCI check through the state of Ohio. That is same stringent requirements that is done for teachers," Drexler said.


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