SEIU noisemakers irritate City of Brotherly Love

The protesters you may have seen marching down 15th Street yesterday dressed entirely in purple -- the color of the Minnesota Vikings! -- were from the Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ. Ha ha, BJ.

The protest yesterday was for, uhm, fair wages. Seems like a good thing to protest for. The union's contract with building owners and cleaning companies expires Oct. 16 and a strike will be authorized "if necessary."

Still, I'm a little disgusted at SEIU's underhanded, immoral tactics. Some of the union workers yesterday (like the ones in the photo) had Thunderstix, the ridiculously annoying noisemakers sometimes given out at baseball games and other various sporting events.

Those things should be illegal. They're pretty much the most irritating things on the planet, and if the union wants to keep using them, then the public needs to turn on them. Drop the Thunderstix, get fair wages. Deal?


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