Remembering victims of union thuggery

I've been busy this weekend but I thought one topic needed to be covered, the victims of union violence. Since I don't have a lot of time between family activities I'll stop with one source, Wikipedia. Here's a short list of people who have been attacked by union members.

* 2004 AFL-CIO push their way into a Republican field office in Orlando FL, breaking the wrist of one staffer. AFL-CIO member Van Church is unrepentant: "If his wrist was fractured, it's a result of his own actions in jerking the door the way he did."”

* 1999 - During protests by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 against a non-unionized workforce getting a contract, picketers threatened and assaulted workers, spat at them, sabotaged equipment, and shot guns near workers. The Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the union had engaged in "ongoing acts of intimidation, violence, destruction of property."

* 1999 - During protests by Laborers' International Union of America Local 310, picketers punched a worker, and threw coffee cups at workers.

* 1999 - Members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 120 were convicted of striking a worker, and imprisoning another one in a truck trailer.

* 1998 - Teamsters Orestes Espinosa, Angel Mielgo, Werner Haechler, Benigno Rojas, and Adrian Paez beat, kicked, and stabbed a UPS worker (Rod Carter) who refused to strike, after Carter received a threatening phone call from the home of Anthony Cannestro, Sr., president of Teamsters Local 769.

* 1998 - During the Communications Workers of America U.S. West strike a worker was threatened with a gun, and a manager was hit in the head with a rock.

* 1990 - on the first day of The New York Daily News strike, trucks were attacked with stones and sticks. One union member was immediately arrested for transporting Molotov cocktails. Strikers followed replacement laborers and threatened them with baseball bats. Strikers then started threatening newsstands with arson, or stole all copies of the Daily News and burned them in front of the newsstands. Independent sources estimated over a thousand reports of threats. The newspaper recorded over two thousand legal violations. The Police Department, recorded more than 500 incidents. 50 strikers were arrested. Bombings of delivery trucks became common, with 11 strikers arrested on one day in October.

* 1983 - Eddie York was murdered for crossing a United Mine Workers (UMW) picket line.

And yes the entry does have listings of union members who were victims of management violence. Unfortunately the latest example of management violence in the US was in 1949.

There is a clear pattern of unions using violence against not only the company but fellow workers to intimidate and get the results they demand. There's a legal term for that extortion. Every attempt should be made to connect union leadership with these activities.

The left likes to claim that senior management should be jailed when employees at the lower levels fail to do their job (or go beyond their jobs). Clearly there is a double standard because the union thugs at the top never seem to be held accountable.

I have one thought unrelated to union violence. The union movement is failing in the United States because it is outmoded and cannot compete in the world wide marketplace. The only place where unions are growing it seems is in the government sector where management and workers are unaccountable and failure is rewarded with a bigger budget.

Update: Here's an example of union violence in North Dakota within the last year.

Union members are chanting "settle the contract."

Some of them went as far as to put nails on the ground before the bus came.

When our K-X News photographer started getting video of the nails, the striking employees tried to kick them away.

The strike began Saturday, about four in the afternoon.

Contract negotiations broke down regarding benefits and salary.

The union wants I-R Bobcat to pay the entire cost of their health care in addition to a pay increase.


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