Nashville police decertify Teamsters

“Law enforcement officers need to be controlled, directed, and led by law enforcement officers not Teamsters.”

There are some major changes ahead for the men and women who protect Nashville. Just as the investigation of the Teamsters local takes on a new twist, Metro police officers give the teamsters something else to think about.

In a vote late Friday, 671 members of the Metro police force voted to decertify the teamsters, and 122 voted to keep the union. Final results are expected to be certified within 5 days.

It means the Fraternal Order of Police will win back its role as bargaining agent for nearly 1,200 Metro officers.

Local F.O.P. President Danny Hale, says, “The Teamsters proved they don't understand our job just because of some of the things that came up with - the criminal activity, come on give me a break we uphold the law we don't break it.”


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