Sleepless neighbors upset with strikers

Some neighbors say East High Street in Painted Post sounds more like New York City. They say ever since Dresser Rand employees started picketing last week, drivers have been honking their horns constantly. Strikers have been picketing 24 hours a day. That's kept neighbors from getting sleep at night.

Strikers have been walking the picket lines at all six of Dresser Rand's gates. Neighbors are hoping they'll move all the picketers to the main gate, away from homes. Strikers tell us they can't do anything about the beeping. But neighbors say they’re provoking drivers to honk their horns by waving at cars.

Painted Post police say they've gotten seven calls from neighbors complaining about the constant beeping. But they say the picketers aren't doing anything wrong, so no one has been ticketed. But police say you can get a ticket for beeping.


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