SEIU will not help patient care

First, the SEIU's claim that Citrus Valley Health Partners (CVHP) is using disproportionate funds from the state to pay consultants to fight employee unionization is completely false. CVHP has investments, income and other sources of funds that they have at their disposal.

Second, as a patient caregiver who bends over backward for my patients at CVHP, I am absolutely offended that SEIU states that we are providing poor patient care at our facilities. They do not work with us and they do not have proof to back up their inflammatory claims. We have passed our Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare (JCAHO) every year and meet the national patient safety standards. SEIU is obviously trying to incite fear and alarm the community.

Finally, I ask readers to consider this: Since when did having unions in a hospital setting improve patient care? Let's take a look at Martin Luther King Jr. Harbor Medical Center. SEIU represents the employees of King-Harbor and they are now being permanently closed due to extremely poor patient care and failure to meet the national safety patient standards.

Rebecca L. Grant, Covina


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