No need for SEIU at Calif. hospital

I have been working at Citrus Valley Medical Center (San Gabriel, CA) for nine years now, and I can't believe the unbelievable garbage the SEIU-UHW are spewing out to try and get new paying members.

The SEIU-UHW put out a full page ad in your paper on Aug. 1 and stated that the "hospital administration is trying to prevent us from performing the patient care we give them." Well, that is a crock! The SEIU-UHW has nothing to do with patient care. That's what the CNA is supposed to be for. The SEIU-UHW is only concerned with non-nursing people.

It's also a crying shame that the union sent over some hired representatives to the hospital cafeterias at both hospitals and were disruptive to those who were taking their lunch break or to the families of patients who were trying to relax from visiting their loved ones.

For as many people who are in favor of the union at the hospital, and that is their right, there are more people in the hospital who are totally against it - like myself.

Chuck Gay, Baldwin Park


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