UFCW bullying Arizona grocery workers

As a member of the Bashas' workforce, I am glad to see some truth coming to light in this conflict. Believe me, you have only scratched the surface. The United Food and Commercial Workers has waged an unethical (at best) campaign of harassment and intimidation against our company and its employees.

When their tactics failed to drum up enough support among the Bashas' membership to force a vote, they lowered themselves to the next level. They are now trying to damage our business by misleading our customers. Who gets hurt by this? The very workers that the UFCW says they are trying to help will suffer loss of income if this strategy succeeds.

In my opinion, this whole issue has nothing to do with helping the poor abused working man. It is nothing more than their desire to increase their income by whatever means they deem necessary. Union dues from 14,000 people (the approximate workforce at Bashas') is a lot of money, isn't it?

Steve Haegele, Phoenix (The writer has worked for Bashas' for six years.)


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