Nashville police-Teamster relationship changing

The investigation led by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation into the activities of the Teamsters Union has resulted in a Metro Police officer being decommissioned. Metro Police Officer Roy Dunaway was decommissioned and assigned to desk duty in Metro's Warrants division on Thursday. Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said, "As part of the expanding investigation by the TBI, the criminal matter that began with the arrest of Calvin Hullett, certain information has now been received by the police department we believe required the decommissioning of Officer Roy Dunaway."

Dunaway was the Teamsters’ liaison with Metro Police department. The Teamsters Union represents Metro Police. In a statement, Police Chief Ronal Serpas said he has gotten sufficient information to require Dunaway to be relieved of law enforcement authority. Aaron said, “Decommissioning should not be seen as a punishment in any way. Officer Dunaway has been relieved of his law enforcement responsibilities, his law enforcement powers, until this investigation can be resolved.”

As far as the Teamsters’ relationship with Metro, Chief Serpas said Metro Police will not talk with the Teamsters until the investigation is resolved. “It is necessary that the administration of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department refrain from any direct contact or communication with any persons/officials employed by the Teamsters organization,” he said.


Metro Officer Questions Reassignment

A Metro officer who was the former liaison between the department and a union questions his recent reassignment. On Thursday, the department announced that Officer Roy Dunaway would not continue to serve as a liaison between the department and the Teamsters union.

"I've been a police officer 16 years," Dunaway said. "It's shocking to me and my family." Dunaway has been put on restricted assignment pending the outcome of a criminal investigation into the actions of a union organizer. The organizer was recently arrested after agents said he placed hidden cameras at a youth camp run by a rival union, the Fraternal Order of Police.

Metro said that Dunaway's decommissioning should not be looked at as punishment. But Dunaway's attorney said there's no other way to look at it and his client deserves an explanation.


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