Ex-Teamster arrested, charged with assault

Alameda County Sheriffs responded to a usually-quiet street near Redwood Road in Castro Valley Friday morning after receiving a report that a Waste Management garbage truck had been shot at with a pellet gun. At 10:30 a.m. confused neighbors peeked from beyond garage doors and window curtains as deputies - with sidearms and assault rifles drawn - ordered 62-year old John “Jack” Boyle from his home at 4124 Nichandros Street.

A dispatcher advised deputies on the scene that a variety of .22 and .38 caliber and Glock 9 handguns were all registered to the residence. After a few tense moments, Boyle emerged, handcuffed and in custody, and was subsequently transported to the San Leandro Eden Substation for questioning.

“He’s such a nice, quiet guy who spends his time feeding raccoons and works on cars,” said a neighbor, who identified herself only as Trish. “He’s been retired for years and is disabled with a bad knee. He’s not a violent guy at all!”

Lt. Kelly Miles said the impact hole on the driver’s side wing window on the garbage truck appeared to be too large to have been made by a pellet gun. “We’re thinking that maybe it was a live round or something else,” Miles said. “There are some upstairs windows that were open that could have been where the shot was fired from.”

Unlike traditional American vehicles, the drivers side on the Waste Management truck is on the right side, so the driver was standing in the passenger side when he saw what appeared to be a gun in a window, which he then heard slam shut.

Neither the driver nor the security guards who were following the truck were not hurt in the incident and Waste Management officials had no comment. Boyle’s son Jeremy described his dad as a peaceful, retired Teamsters Local 70 truck driver for the local Consolidated Freight Lines.

“He worked for Consolidated for some 30 odd years,” said Boyle. “My dad’s life is really his cars, animals and his family.” Deputies waited for the better part of the day for a judge to grant a search warrant, and by the afternoon were taken aback at what they found in Boyle’s home.

“We discovered a lot of weapons that we’re just beginning to make a list of,” Lt. Miles added. “There were about 22 assorted guns and rifles, a crossbow and a wrist-rocket-style slingshot we believe was used in the incident.”

On Monday before Hayward Judge Roy Hashimoto, Boyle was charged with four felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, throwing a projectile with intent to cause bodily harm and possession of a weapons’ silencer and armor-piercing ammunition . Boyle was later released on a $60,000 bail bond.


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