Ruling Class Race To The Bottom

United States steeped in liberty, freedom cannot be governed by Progs
A breathtaking 28% of Americans have stated “none at all” as their level of confidence in the “Executive branch headed by the President.” No president but Obama has ever scored this low in popular trust. At the height of Watergate, only 20% of respondents gave this lowest possible rating to an executive branch headed by Richard Nixon. The 14% of Americans in the September 2014 poll who expressed a “great deal” of confidence in the Executive Branch approached the lowest levels ever recorded by Gallup for this question.

The “none at all” level of confidence and trust for Congress was not as bad as the president, “20%,” which is actually two points higher than in September 2013. But the percentage of Americans who have a “great deal” of confidence and trust in Congress is so low as to almost be a rounding error: 3% of Americans have real trust in Congress, the lowest rating Gallup has ever reported.
(full story "Untrusted Washington" at americanthinker.com)

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