Drinking with Bob for Mayor of The Big Apple

Is there no alternative to Progressive disaster?


Mountain Moral Know-Nothings

It's just another typical Progfest


Obama: Terrorism Not Efficient Enough

Whose side are Progressives on?


(story "The gaffe Obama made with Jay Leno that's going largely unnoticed ..." at thelookingspoon.com)

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Obama's Record Broken

BigGov Republicans are indeed B. Hussein's enablers


(Michael Ramirez from investors.com)

Hoover Dam On Strike, Shame On Nixon, Elena Kagan Swears-In

On this day: August 8
Workers go on strike at the Hoover Dam (1931)

Disgraced U.S. President Richard M. Nixon announces his resignation, effective the next day (1974)

Iraq occupies and annexes Kuwait (1990)

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan loses a 38-year hold on national leadership (1993)

President B. Hussein Obama's SCOTUS nominee, the radical leftist Elena Kagan, is sworn-in (2010)

b: Vera Zasulich (1849), Emiliano Zapata (1879), Chivu Stoica (1908), Arthur Goldberg (1908); d: Baldur von Schirach (1974), Abdullah al-Asiri (2009)

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