Progressive Albania, Regal Libya, NorKs Release

On this day: December 24
Library of Congress burns (1851)

Albania becomes a so-called People's Republic (1924)

Libya becomes independent from Italy; Idris I is proclaimed King (1951)

The crew of the USS Pueblo is released by North Korea after being held for 11 months on suspicion of spying (1968)

Lord's Resistance Army, a Ugandan "rebel" group, begins a series of attacks on Democratic Republic of the Congo, massacring more than 400 (2008)

President B. Hussein Obama and family arrive in Oahu, Hawaii for an unusually brief but lavish 10-day holiday vacation (2009)

b: Howard Hughes (1905), I. F. Stone (1907), Gene Sperling (1958); d: John Muir (1914), Harold Pinter (2008)

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