Prog Cult ❤ Malthusian Doom

Our forward BigGov religion fundamentally transforms The Enlightenment
Jorgen Randers, a co-author of The Limits to Growth, recently addressed the forty-year anniversary of his earth-shaking book. To attain a sustainable world, he claims we must increase access to healthcare and education, stop using fossil fuels, and invest in green technology. We must also modify the markets and modify democracy, too. In addition, we must be willing to lower our standard of living today.

Can we all agree that we currently have an administration that implements this very same ideology?

As we contemplate the consequences of intentionally limiting growth, we must consider one more of Randers’ visions for a sustainable planet: a decline in population will lead to a decrease in GDP, which will stimulate rising unemployment, thus triggering the need for a rationing of paid work.

This is the path to socialism. This is the way Forward.
(full story "Forward: The Intentional Limits to Growth" at politicaloutcast.com)

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