We Are All In Obama's Commune Now

U.S. regulars figuring it out: We've been fundamentally transformed

President Obama aligns with these forces undermining our Constitution and our freedoms in favor of pushing Big Government into every facet of our lives.

He is a statist who is committed to his ideology of redistribution, reparations, and economic and environmental justice. He is a globalist who is blurring the lines of our sovereignty for what he perceives to be the world’s rights to our wealth.

His views are extreme and he is incapable of adjusting to reality in a pragmatic way.

It is impossible to know what is in Mr. Obama’s heart but socialism is what he knows.

President Obama is the son and grandson of Communists. He was mentored by Communist and pedophile, Franklin Marshall Davis who was hand-selected by Barack’s grandfather to guide him.

In college, Mr. Obama hung out with the Chicanos, Marxist Professors, structural feminists…
(from story "Bill O’Reilly on Socialism and a Shocking New Book" at trevorloudon.com)

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