Obama At His Best

Alinskyite community organizers always stir discontent to unite lofo masses
The most important thing about Obama is that he is a community organizer. He has never been anything else. He is not capable of being anything else.

ObamaCare isn’t his policy achievement. It’s a pack of lies that his people came up with in time to sell him to a progressive group. The pack of lies has grown into a mountain. And now the avalanche begins.

Obama doesn’t care about the collapse of his signature policy achievement. To him ObamaCare is just another way of picking a fight with the “reactionary forces.” He’s not fundamentally any different than Nicol├ís Maduro or Kim Jong Il or any other backward Socialist boss who doesn’t know anything except how to pick fights.

Like them, he isn’t interested in helping people, not even in the misguided way that some liberals are. His politics and his passion are those of conflict. He doesn’t care if ObamaCare succeeds or fails. All that he cares about is using it as a weapon against the Republican Party.

That’s what he’s doing now.
(full story "Obama’s Competent Incompetence" a at frontpagemag.com)

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