D.C. Ruling Class Circles The Wagons Again

Typical bipartisan Progs taking as much as they can from U.S.
Not only are cowardly Republicans ready to cave on the debt ceiling, they are ready to give union thugs an ObamaCARE tax delay that the common peasants (us) wouldn’t be able to get.

The Republicans have gone from holding firm in their goal to defend Obamacare, to delaying Obama, to removing the medical device tax, to this.

In the end, big business and big labor will get a special delay in taxes under ObamaCARE, everyone else can just go f*ck themselves. That is the message from Obama, The Democrats and now The Republicans.
(full story "RINO-Democrat debt deal to give ObamaCARE tax delay to union thugs" at fireandreamitchell.com)

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