We Are All Alinsky v. Alinsky Now

WH Community Crisis Management Team will not rest
In his famous primer, “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky made two points that help illuminate how President Barack Obama has chosen to lead America.

The first point is that Alinsky instructed his acolytes to manufacture a crisis—any crisis—and to then use that any crisis to polarize the community for and against the community organizer.

For the last five years, this has been how Obama has led the nation, crisis-to-crisis, and always leaving the middle ground for compromise like the no man’s land between the trenches.

September is a tricky month for the president. He has a health care regime he is struggling to prop up, a nasty Benghazi anniversary and the end of the fiscal year.

There is also the unfinished business of providing guaranteed income to farmers, expanding food stamps, granting amnesty to illegal aliens and restricting gun rights.

Oh, and there is also the debt ceiling, which miracle of miracles always seems to max out upon a congressional recess. This time the president has penciled in the Columbus Day recess, which allows for a short-term deal that will set the country up for more debt showdowns for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The key to remember is that Obama does not seek to solve economic or national security problems. He only seeks to solve his own political problems and to foment political problems for his opponents.

Above all, conservatives must learn to beat Alinsky tactics with Alinsky tactics.
(full story "Follow Alinsky: Call Obama’s bluff" at canadafreepress.com)

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