Trumka Exterminates Golden Goose

Forced-labor unionism becomes a drag
The head of the AFL-CIO, leftist hack and Obama lackey Richard Trumka, has admitted that the organized labor movement is in crisis. The article notes that last year, organized labor saw the largest drop in six years of the percentage of American workers who are members of it, hitting a low 11.3% in total. And that figure doesn't disaggregate public employees -- who are increasingly unionized -- from private-sector workers, who are down to about 7% unionized.

The latest sign of this crisis is the contortions of the union bosses as the struggle to get out from the clutches of ObamaCare, the very law they had so vociferously and corruptly supported.

Not mentioned in the article is a phenomenon that has to be frightening the hell out of the labor leaders: the spread of right-to-work laws in the Midwest, long a labor stronghold. The most striking recent example is the passage of a right-to-work law in Michigan, of all places. Imagine that -- a law liberating workers from union domination being enacted right in the heart of organized labor's own turf.

What Trumka and his ilk show no sign of comprehending is that it has been organized labor's own behavior that has led to workers' flight from it. It has saddled businesses and governments with such burdensome agreements that they have driven both businesses and governments into bankruptcy -- Detroit being just the most recent such case. As more cities hit the wall, expect union membership to continue to drop. Killing the golden goose is not a wise strategy for those who crave golden eggs.
(from full story "Unions Complaining about Digging Their Own Grave" at americanthinker.com)

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