Obama Tactics Become A Drag

Is there any way to get the car keys and credit cards back?
As we speak, the dam is inexorably giving way and the many less than wholesome and troubling aspects of the real Barack Obama are beginning to materialize -- even amongst the willing soldiers of a once compliant press corps. As one accumulates fleas by virtue of the pedigree of mongrels one happens to lie with, it should not be surprising that Obama (and the White House) have been summarily infested with: radical Islamicist apologists, treacherous politicos, Anti-American intellectual ideologues who plot the eclipse of our foreign influence, and the base and calculating corporate bagmen who have engorged themselves handsomely at the public trough.

Yes, America's Favorite Son has turned out to be quite the disappointment. Having blown through his parents' credit cards with the sense of entitlement reserved for those inflicted only with the most incurable symptoms of haughty privilege, he has brazenly and unapologetically partied for years with his Green Energy and union chums -- with nothing to show for it but an ocean of red ink. As a result, he has grown insolent and imperious, no longer believing that he has to justify his actions to anyone lower than himself. It is clear that in his eyes he has become a Postmodern Sun King and that his ruling philosophical meme is: "Apr├Ęs Moi, le deluge" -- After me, the flood.

Can it be any longer doubted that our young Barry has emerged a quick study to all the: ideological hucksters, racial panderers, liberation theology apostates, two-bit third world dictators, Keynesian frauds, and social justice vagabonds who have taught him well the tricks of their nefarious arts?
(from story "America's Bad Seed" at americanthinker.com)

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