Obama's 'Religion of Peace' At It Again

Obama and The House of Saud: Nothing new here, let's just move on


(from "Did the FBI Know About Marathon Bombing Ahead of Time?" at iowntheworld.com)

If Saudis were involved, my guess is that the Obama Regime will employ one of these scenarios in this order of preference:

Either they'll somehow find a Great White Tea Party Terrorist to pin the Boston Bombing on, simply let the whole thing fade away while pledging to 'bring the people responsible to justice' ( how I hate that phrase) or if necessary, pin it on unnamed al-Qaeda elements and launch a few drones while the Saudis responsible slip quietly out of the country. It's happened before.

As a last resort, if Saudis were involved and there's no way to get around it, they might be forced to imprison the bombers, while telling Americans what a religion of peace Islam is and that the bombers were only caught 'thanks to the help we got from our Saudi allies'.

To President Obama, this isn't really terrorism, in spite of what he finally admitted. It's a political problem to be handled.
From related story: "Breaking: Boston Suspects Identified ... And The Saudi Connection They're Not Telling You About" at joshuapundit.blogspot.com

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