Obama More Leninist Than Marxist

Famous Progs share immorality, despotism, radical ideology
Barack Obama, as did Mussolini, Lenin, Mao and Hitler before him, has the ability to visibly remain above the fray, appear as the champion of the people and manipulate the emotions of an ill-educated populace. In the case of Obama he has the further benefit of being able to exploit the racial guilt embedded in the American society.

In keeping with many of the tactics employed in Italy and Germany in the 1920's and 30's -- and many other nations since, Barack Obama and his fellow travelers in the Democratic Party have, over the past five years, followed in the footsteps of these despotic regimes -- all of which have ended up on the ash heap of history.

Through new legislation, government regulations, tax policy, and direct investment, Obama is in the process of creating a fascist economy whereby major corporations, financial institutions and small businesses will be, on a de facto basis, controlled and manipulated by the government. It is immaterial that this will make American businesses overwhelmingly uncompetitive or be unable to expand and thus create wealth and jobs. The economy that has created the highest standard of living in history will thus stagnate and decline drastically altering the nation's ability to defend itself.

Through ObamaCare, which was never about health care per se, the government will eventually control not only access to health care but the behavior of all Americans. There will be, in due course, no right to privacy.

All autocratic regimes require a scapegoat in order to keep the populace in turmoil while they go about seizing all the levers of power; this regime has done the same utilizing the so-called wealthy, conservatives, evangelical Christians, and a clueless Republican Party as their focus of evil.
(full story "Why the United States is a Dying Country" at americanthinker.com)

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