Kim Il-sung, Sacco & Vanzetti, Jean-Paul Sartre Is Dead

On this day: April 15
Anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti allegedly murder two security guards while robbing a shoe store (1920)

Black Friday, mine owners announce more wage and price cuts leading to the threat of a strike all across England (1921)

The National Assembly of Vietnam adopts the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (1992)

In a major space policy speech at Kennedy Space Center, President Barack Obama outlines his proposal to use NASA's budget for global Muslim outreach (2010)

b: A. Philip Randolph (1889), Kim Il-sung (1912), Georgi Beregovoi (1921); d: Jean-Paul Sartre (1980), Hu Yaobang (1989), Pol Pot (1998)

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