Long Live Progressivism

Will anyone outwardly lay claim to the mantle of Liberal Fascism?
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton describe themselves proudly as progressives. So do Bill Ayers, John Dewey, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and all international socialist and communist organizations.

So did Frances Perkins, FDR's Labor Secretary, regarded as the mother of New Deal. So did Tommy Douglas, the founder of Canada's first mainstream socialist party, and the godfather of socialized medicine.

So did Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, who, like Douglas, Hitler, and many other progressives, advocated eugenics for the purpose of racial and social purification.

"Wait a minute!" some may object here. "You can't just throw Hitler's name into that list -- he wasn't a progressive, but merely a power-mad lunatic." And so he was. So let us leave him off the list of "real" progressives, in the name of being fair to progressivism.

Here, however, is where things get dicey. If we leave Hitler -- one of the most prominent of "Forward" sloganeers -- off the list of legitimate progressives, then must not our purging of the list continue, until we are left with only the "legitimate" ones?
(full story "Does Progressivism Exist?" at americanthinker.com)

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