Hugo Chávez Is Still Dead

Corrupt Prog dictators are often kept alive by feuding underlings, overlords
(guardianlv.com - Feb. 27) The former Ambassador of Panama to the Organization of American States (OAS), Guillermo Cochez, said Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez suffered brain death and had died four days later.

According to statements given to international news channel NTN24, “the president suffered brain death since December 31 and has been disconnected from the machines that kept him alive for four days.”

On whether Venezuela is prepared for the worst news, the journalist said: “Not at all. People who can read the political news can be but most people do not, hence the opposition says that the people want to be told what happened to his Commander President, some say he has died, I have learned that on December 30 was the first death, brain death.”

It requested through his Twitter account the Venezuelan government to file a proof that Chávez is being kept alive. “They’ve been cheating on Venezuela and the world,” he wrote.

“The infighting in Venezuela, the Cuban government pressure, are situations that have not allowed the news of his death be released,” said the reporter.

“Chávez was taken to Venezuela because the Cubans did not want to give the disconnect there and have kept him from returning to Venezuela in that state. They would not have been able to teach Evo Morales and Ollanta Humala or Cristina Fernández,” he explained.
(from "Hugo Chavez Dead?" at guardianlv.com)

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