Hollywood Term-Limited By The People

'Culture of Collectivism' relies on the corrupt seniority system and locked-up elections
West Hollywood voters delivered a decidedly mixed message in Tuesday's election: They approved a ballot measure establishing term limits for City Council members, while also decisively reelecting two longtime incumbents.

All but one of the five members of the West Hollywood City Council have spent more than a decade in office. Measure C will limit council members to a total of three four-year terms.

"This is really a mandate for change in the city, that the politics as usual aren't going to be able to continue," said Scott Schmidt, a West Hollywood resident who helped spearhead the campaign that gathered more than 3,000 signatures and put the measure on the ballot.

The measure easily passed with 2,690 votes in favor and 1,653 votes opposed, according to unofficial results released by the city.
(from latimes.com)

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