What Difference Does John Brennan Make?

Muslim Director of the CIA screwed-over al-Qaeda in Benghazi
Former FBI Islamist expert John Guandolo says that John Brennan, President Obama’s new nominee to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), long ago converted from Christianity to Islam. Supposedly Brennan was recruited by Islamists when he was representing the US in Saudi Arabia.

Whether this is true is open to question. Unfortunately, at Brennan’s Senate hearings no senator saw fit to ask him whether or how he came to be recruited into the ranks of Islam. Even at this late time it would be appropriate to have an in-depth Congressional investigation into the matter before the nation’s intelligence secrets are turned over to him.

What is known is that Brennan now speaks in awed tones when talking of what he calls, “the beauty and goodness of Islam.” This is the same Islam that embraces and institutionalizes such things as murdering innocents, the cutting off of hands, feet, and and heads, mutilating little girls, men beating and flogging women almost to the point of their death, and parents training their little children to become suicide bombers.

We can only imagine how the Israelis and our other allies must feel knowing that their deepest secrets may soon be shared by Obama’s new Director of the CIA with organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization which has said that its intention is to kill every Jew on the face of the earth.
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