Common-Sense Collectivism

Gina Miller takes on the language control of The O-Prog Left
Common sense is both a noun and an adjective. As a noun, common sense – good judgment – is becoming a rare and precious commodity in our world today, especially from Washington politicians; thus, it describes little of what comes out of our nation's capital. Yet, I have noticed that whoever it is that puts the words in the mouth of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), has latched on to "common-sense" as an adjective to describe what can only be regarded as tyrannical, unconstitutional dictates that the communist cabal controlling our federal government is currently shoving in the faces of the American people.

Specifically, I have heard Obama using "common-sense" to describe his desire to gut our God-given right of self defense. He has also used the term to describe his wicked goal of turning our nation's immigration policies out to pasture and turning criminal aliens into bona fide (Democrat-voting) American citizens. Who needs the rule of law when you have "common-sense" communist policies?

Tell me one common-sense thing that has come from the Obama administration and the Democrats and junior-Democrat Republicans in Congress. Just one. I can't think of one either. When considering all the lawless legislation and extra-constitutional executive orders of the last four years (not that lawlessness is limited to the Obama regime by any means!), common sense is the very last thing that comes to mind.
(full story "Common sense hijacked for Obama propaganda" by Gina Miller at renewamerica.com)

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