WH Confidential: Boehner Will Not Do This

GOP House foreclosed, Progs fix societal collapse-crisis to cement unchecked power
Boehner should make sure to say “Look, this isn’t about me. I can do a deal to increase the debt limit in exchange for something I can bring back to my people. But my people have no trust for Obama or Reid left, and they think it’s time for a reckoning. And I can’t prevent this – all I can do is resign and the next Speaker will be somebody even more hard-line than I am. And before you start screaming about the crazy Tea Party people who are holding the country hostage, understand that this is the vast majority of our membership, and they’re reflecting what they’re hearing from the vast majority of their constituents. This has gone far beyond the Tea Party, and you need to recognize that reality.”

The media will do polls which say nobody cares about the deficit or that the debt limit ought to just be raised. Boehner should scoff at them and say his members are convinced otherwise.

If he says it consistently enough and if he holds House hearings often enough in which witnesses show up and explain that there are ways to do partial shutdowns which won’t kill the economy, he can get the public used to the idea that hitting the debt limit isn’t the end of the world and it might just be the only way to really rein in spending over Obama’s objections.

Republicans hold all the cards on the coming fight. Their history is of dropping those cards on the floor. If the party wants to continue being relevant at the federal level, that needs to change. They need to develop a message, stick to it, act proactively and show some stones.

Otherwise Boehner will have nothing to take back to Republican voters. And he’ll be out of his Speakership by 2015 – and not because some crazy Tea Partier managed to unseat him from the Right, it will be because the GOP has lost its majority in the House.

Boehner needs to repeat that every single day. He needs to let the media beat on him and the House GOP delegation and say “Sorry, the votes just aren’t there. The American people want the budget balanced, so do my members, and the debt limit is the only tool available to make it happen. It’s sad it’s come to this, but there it is. Obama got his tax increase, now we’re getting our spending cuts – the easy way or the hard way. If Obama wants his debt ceiling increase he needs to send us a proposal that we can pass.”
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