Progs Cited for H8, Fascism, Intolerance

Obama extremists 'Go For The Throat' v. those who disagree
A month ago I wrote, in a piece on FrontPage Mag called “The Art of Class War,” that progressives aren’t interested in coexistence or bipartisanship with the right; they want total domination and our eventual extinction.

Last Friday an article subtly titled “Go for the Throat!” appeared on the leftist website Slate in which their chief political correspondent John Dickerson of CBS News openly confirmed my point, calling for President Obama to destroy the Republican party in his second term.

Thank you, Mr. Dickerson, for putting your party’s totalitarian ruthlessness on the table in plain sight. Thank you for removing any lingering doubt that yours is the fascist party of hatred and intolerance, not to mention lack of diversity where it counts – the diversity of ideas.
(full story at frontpagemag.com)

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