Obama Likened to Banana Republic Dictator

King Obama – New York Democrat Congress Rep. Jose Serrano introduces legislation to repeal 22nd amendment of constitution (term limits for the president)
If Democrats take the House back in 2014, Obama could become president for life! You know, kind of like dictators in third world countries? Nut job Marxist New York Democrat Rep. Jose Serrano has introduced legislation to repeal 22nd amendment of constitution which is term limits for presidents.

I’m going to go out on a wire and say that there is no way in hell that this would ever pass the House in the 113th Congress. However, if Botox Pelosi gets the gavel back in 2014, passing this bill is not too far fetched. The idea of this getting past the Senate isn’t even that far fetched of an idea.
(from fireandreamitchell.com)

President Correa, seeking a third term, is strong front-runner despite scandals and ties to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Ecuador’s Congress voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to grant President Rafael Correa a monthlong leave of absence while he campaigns to be the first Ecuadorean leader in more than a century to hold the presidency for more than a single term.

The South American nation limited its presidents to single terms in the 20th century until the charter was changed in 2008 to allow re-election, a move that benefited the populist Correa.

Freedom House, a Washington-based group that promotes democracy and human rights internationally. Robert Herman, the group’s vice president for regional programs, said:

“Of course, with a rubber-stamp legislature he can do what he pleases and the actions have a patina of legitimacy. There’s a context here, which is a steady decline over the last several years of the level of political rights and civil liberties, a shrinking of the space for dissent, and more and more pressure on his political opponents and members of the civil society who have been struggling to hold Correa accountable. People will see it for what it is: an increasingly authoritarian rule by a democratically elected president.”
(from washingtonpost.com)

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