Revolt Against Socialism Persists

Buy Free or Die: We will not be complicit in our own demise
We can no longer be passive in our buying decisions, brands that we have known and trusted for years have chosen sides and chosen to lead our country in to socialism. This is the first post in a series to highlight which companies and states contribute to the decline of our American project that was started in 1776. Whether they be what automobiles you buy or where you take your vacation, we need to show these entities that we will not be sending our money to fund our own destruction.

The Autoworkers' unions in the United States are one of the largest contributors to the Democrat Party. The AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka said that he would like to have the Card Check legislation enacted in Obama's new second term. This would make labor unions almost impossible to stop, they would be present in every section of the country's economy. As such I am focusing this first post in the Conservative's buyers guide to Automobiles made in the United States.

Obama and the labor unions have proclaimed that American jobs are the number one priority in the automobile industry. Well, despite the misconception several foreign car companies provide thousands of jobs to many Americans across the country and they are non-unionized plants. Any future automobiles that I buy will be from the list I have provided that are labeled non-union. Democrats suck and so do unions. Carry on.

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