Ignorance Is Misunderstood

We all want leftist statism that produces equal misery now
Republicans have always told themselves that this is a center right nation. It still is, but it's moving in the opposite direction. Here's why.

Since the 1970's, when the unions took over, the left has gradually assumed almost total control of public education, and in K-12, not just the universities. Ever wonder why so many radicals found a home in academia, and why radicals like Bill Ayers became so interested and influential in public education, particularly of young children?

The results are obvious. Today, half the children produced out of this dysfunctional system may have trouble reading and writing, they may be ignorant of their culture and history, but boy are a lot of them proficient in repeating the leftist talking points they've been indoctrinated with for years!

As an added bonus, the teachers unions, like the other public employee unions are a major component of the Ponzi scheme that funds the Democratic Party at the taxpayer's expense.

The good news is that this is very slowly starting to change in some parts of America simply because it's financially unsustainable, but for now, especially in deep blue states like California and Massachusetts, that's simply how it is.

So the first major requirement of winning the White House is a candidate capable of educating voters on conservative principles in terms they can easily understand, why they work, and why leftist statism merely produces equal misery.

The last presidential candidate the Republicans had whom could do this was Ronald Reagan, Ronaldus Maximus. He wasn't known as the Great Communicator for nothing.
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