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Secession craze grips post-coup America
According to the World English Dictionary, the French term coup d'état means "a sudden violent or illegal seizure of government." The federal government of the United States of America has been seized by enemy forces from within our nation. Although not overtly violent at this point, this seizure has been illegal from top to bottom. Since the likely ineligible candidate Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) was installed in our presidency back in January 2009, this takeover has rapidly infected every area of our government and military. It is being run by a Communist-Islamist axis of like-minded, anti-American subversives.

Before the sham of an election last week, I feared the worst from this criminal Obama administration. As I wrote last Thursday, back when I heard the lawless weasel Obama tell Medvedev that after his "election" he would have more flexibility, I knew the election would be "fixed" to ensure Obama's victory. I did not believe for a minute that Obama could win in an honest election. I still do not believe he won, and I never will. The election was another part of the communist coup of our government.

I understand the intentions of those who eagerly sign the secession petitions, although I believe it is futile, and possibly even dangerous, to sign such petitions that simply add your name to a White House database and have no chance of stopping the crook Obama. However, with the amazing surveillance technology at this government's disposal, I am not foolish enough to think this all-powerful regime does not already have a line on the America-loving Patriots in this nation, even nobodies like me, who have been publicly and firmly speaking out against them since before Obama was installed in '09.
(Gina Miller's full story at renewamerica.com)

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