Progs Likened to 20th Century Barbarians

150-year tedium of H8ful Leftism EXPOSED!
Leftism is not an ideology. No sane person thinks "soaking the rich" or "investing tax dollars" achieves any particular objective. The creation of predefined bogeymen is an ancient and unsavory strategy for seizing and then holding power -- the Jewish people can testify to that grim fact -- and there is nothing more to it than that. Leftist leaders today are simply the barbarian warlords of centuries ago who promised to steal and to share the spoils of what others have worked to produce.

Marxism is only one of several contemporary mantras dreamed up to let party bosses rob and loot. The Nazis, too, denounced capitalism and claimed that they were victims of oppression. The similarity between these two malign modern barbarians was such that many commentators of the time saw them as not just similar, but practically identical. The conjuring up of eternal victims and eternal victimizers was at the heart of this black magic.

For more than one hundred and fifty years, the dull pedantry of his toxic religion is recited as if it could inspire any free mind or unchained soul to anything but yawns. It is not just that Obama, Kerry, and the rest at the Democrat Convention were saying the same things over and over and trying to feign novelty; it is rather that leftism itself is unbearably tedious.
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