O-Camp Termed 'Ruthless, Effective'

An Excerpt from the Book, "Rules for Radicals Defeated" by AlinskyDefeater

The days of traditional politics are over. Conservatives would be well served to abandon the acquiescent political hand wringing, and build the skill necessary to engage and defeat their opponents. In the age of Obama, politics has morphed into one part traditional political strategy mixed with one or more parts Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. We must find a way to defeat our opponents without becoming them. To defeat their morally bankrupt schemes it will be necessary to learn their tactics well. Simply learning their tactics and then turning them back on them, however, will make us no better than them. Instead, we must learn the tactics and the principles designed to defeat them.

The name Saul Alinsky seems to have been resurrected from obscurity in the past few years. He was a community organizer whose work ranged from the 1930’s to the 1970’s, and was most famous for his book Rules for Radicals, wherein he outlined a set of tactics for revolution. His goal was to empower the “Have-nots” in such a way that they could overpower the “Haves”, and create a new, fairer society. If it sounds a lot like Marxism to you, well, you’re not alone. Although his book has remained somewhat popular over the years, it was the emergence of Barack Obama on the national political scene that truly brought Alinsky back into the limelight; and even though he died in 1972, Rules for Radicals became the Bible for community organizers like Barack Obama. As you will see, the tactics taught in that book are both ruthless and effective.
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