New Meaning Cited For OMG!

Obama's arrogance is supreme
America should be proud of its balance of government. As we know, the U.S. Supreme Court, legislative branches – the House of Representatives and Senate – and the president make up this three-way system of the protective checks and balance system.

Now Mr. Arrogance, President Barack Obama, is giving one branch of our government a stern warning that they cannot strike down his health care law. Unless my eyesight is failing or I’ve been taken over by a brain fade, the Supreme Court’s duty is to interpret whether law is constitutional, or should be scuttled.

Honestly, in seven decades on this Earth, I have never heard a president of this country openly take vicious slaps at the Supreme Court.

Maybe he should remove his Burger King crown and ask these questions of himself: Why are we $13 trillion to $14 trillion in debt? Please tell us why you apologize for our great country and whisper election deals to our adversaries, the Russians?

We are in an economy right now the worst since the Great Depression of the late 1930s. Obama points a lot of fingers of blame, but never at himself. New meaning for OMG! Obama Must Go!

Jock Swanstrom, Spokane Valley
(from spokesman.com)

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