Oppressive Corruptocrat Progs: Shoot The Messenger

James O'Keefe opens new territory in the backlash against leftwing voter fraud


Dem SoS ignores violation of election integrity, aims probe at videographer instead
State elections officials are sharply criticizing an undercover video that surfaced Tuesday and purportedly shows individuals using the names of dead or living people in order to obtain ballots for Vermont elections, including this year’s presidential primary.

The video, released via the Breitbart.com website by conservative activist James O’Keefe, shows a series of exchanges at voting precincts where an individual identifies himself as a person whose name is on the voter checklist. The individual, however, is not asked to show identification to prove who he is before being given a ballot.

“You said who you are,” one local voting official tells the individual when asked why no identification had to be shown. “Your name is on there.”

At least seven people, six described in the video as “living” and one as “dead,” are named in the video as the people whom the individual is impersonating as he goes through the process of obtaining a ballot.
(full story at burlingtonfreepress.com)

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