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Rep. Manzullo has stayed too long


Rep. Bachus' insider trading is unacceptable

An explosive approach to corruption
It is hard to imagine a more cynical view of politics and social life than that espoused by the creators of the Campaign for Primary Accountability, as described in the March 8 front-page article “Longtime politicians have a new foe.” The goal of their fundraising is to “target longtime incumbents in House districts that are otherwise safe for their party.” They do this without reference to the incumbent’s party or philosophy; the object is to defeat those candidates who have been successful over the years.

This is the reductio ad absurdum of the philosophy of the term-limits movement, which also was aimed at reducing the influence of the voter without regard to the content of the legislator’s work.

Proponents of such movements say, in effect, we have no ideas of our own about how political life should proceed; we just want to blow up what is going on now. Another name for this approach could be nihilism.

Wayne Bert, Arlington
(from washingtonpost.com)

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