WH Pushes Tax Cash To Alinsky Groups

Obamacare monopolies reserved for community organizers
Common Ground, a coalition of religious groups and other organizations, has been awarded a $56.4 million federal loan to start a nonprofit health insurer that would be run by its members.

The money is part of $3.8 billion included federal health care reform to help start nonprofit health insurers, similar to cooperatives, to compete in the market for individuals and small businesses.

The loans are to help the nonprofit health insurers - referred to as CO-OPs, for Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans - with start-up costs and to meet requirements that insurers maintain minimum reserves to pay claims.

Common Ground, which also includes some unions and a few small businesses, is the Milwaukee affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded in 1940 by Saul Alinsky, the iconic Chicago community organizer. The organization, based in Chicago, bills itself as the oldest and largest community organizing network.

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative initially will operate in southeastern Wisconsin but expand throughout the state in five years, according to a news release from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The goal stated in the federal health care law is to fund one CO-OP in each state. To date, seven nonprofits offering coverage in eight states have been awarded $638.7 million.
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Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government responds:

“Only the most na├»ve would believe that this $56 million injection of money into the political charged atmosphere in Wisconsin is anything more than an attempt to buy votes in favor of the public employee recall election of Governor Scott Walker and to tip the balance in this important swing state in November.

“There are no lengths that Obama won’t go in his attempt to use Chicago-style politics to drive his election bid, and this $56 million to a group with no track record and dubious connections is just one more outrage.”
(full story at netrightdaily.com)

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