Our Prog Century Smacked Down

Big government is the problem and freedom is the answer
GOP presidential contender Ron Paul warned Saturday the U.S. is “slipping into a fascist system” dominated by government and big business, the Associated Press reported.

Speaking to a crowd in Kansas City, Mo. that numbered more than a thousand, the Texas congressman asserted that the U.S. began heading down the wrong path 100 years ago during President Woodrow Wilson’s administration. Wilson led the country through World War I and advocated for the United States’ involvement in the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations.

“We’ve slipped away from a true Republic,” Paul said. “Now we‘re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government and big business and authoritarian rule and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen.”

According to the Kansas City Star, Paul said the country cannot afford its entitlement system of free education, health care and housing anymore.

“Right now people are waking up to the fact that the government is broke, and they know it’s ending,” Paul said.
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