The Obama Entitlement

We're all addled malignant narcissists now


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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

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Tatersalad said...

Barack Obama did not "cave in" to pressures to undue the mandate of providing the contraception requirement. He has just "shifted" the mandate from the federal government to the insurance companies and then mandating the insurance companies to provide contraception.

The underlying issue here is "still" the mandate requirement by government, thereby breaking down the United States Constitution, Barack Obama's goal. It has always been his goal. There is no other goal. It is the same with government's intervention and control of the Commerce Clause, thereby demanding that YOU buy insurance or be taxed/fined.



Now that the President has mandated that insurance companies "have to provide" pills and other contraceptives, when will the government get out of the business of providing taxpayers money to Planned Parenthood?

If insurance companies are mandated to provide pills and other contraceptives, are the employees of the insurance companies manadate to the same which would be a violation of their own religious freedoms.

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