Marion Barry, Eastern Airlines, Lewinsky

On this day: January 18
Soviet forces liberate Leningrad, effectively ending a three year Nazi siege (1944)

Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry is arrested for drug possession in an FBI sting (1990)

Eastern Air Lines goes out of business after 62 years (1991)

Matt Drudge breaks the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair story on his website (1998)

President Barack Obama personally submits his first Twitter update (2010)

b: Paul Rostock (1892); d: Paul Tsongas (1997)

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Michael Haltman said...

Good morning Harry:

On a lighter Marion Barry note, he is the focus of my TGIF segment at The Political Commentator where I select one politician and connect them to what I feel would be the perfect alcoholic beverage for their background. The story and the beverage choice can be found here:


Mike Haltman
The Political Commentator

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