Discrimination Favors Union Thugs

Outdated collective bargaining laws disempower workers
Outside of professional sports (N.B. and the news industry), labor unions touch our lives via school teachers, air traffic controllers, postal workers and more. To empower workers, U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch and U.S. Rep. Tim Scott introduced the Employee Rights Act (ERA) last year.

The Oklahoman supports the ERA because it increases freedom of choice for employees, demands accountability for unions, prohibits coercion and violence and gives workers more control over their own money. Polls indicate significant backing of the legislation, even within union households.

Hatch summarized the bill's battleground in the Washington Times last month: “The Employee Rights Act is not about Big Business versus Big Labor but about employee rights versus union power.”

Let's hope Congress doesn't drop the ball on this opportunity to empower employees.
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