Obama Jobs Plan Termed 'Insane'

Whiff of corruption begins to taint scandal-free Administration
The definition of insanity (hat-tip to Albert Einstein) is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So, what do you call it when a flailing U.S. administration, with a 26% approval rating for its handling of the economy, keeps trotting out the same failed economic policies? Do they honestly expect different results?

The government tried to jumpstart the economy with a fiscal stimulus, which didn’t work. So they tried a second stimulus, which also didn’t work.

They tried QE1, which didn’t work, so they tried QE2, which also didn’t work. Which naturally led them to where they are now: laying the groundwork for a QE3. What do all these Q’s and E’s mean? The long answer is: quantitative easing. The short answer is: invented money. The real answer is: all these Q’s and E’s matter far less than the ability to count to 3.

If this idea didn’t work the first time, and if it didn’t work the second time, then why on earth would anyone believe it would work a third time?
(full story at emergingcorruption.com)

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