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Typical bargaining tactic incompatible with 'New Tone'
Memphis police and Mayor A C Wharton have launched an investigation after a series of death threats against Memphis City Council members. At the heart of the controversy is a proposed vote to outsource the city's sanitation services.

A video, posted under the YouTube profile "TennesseeLabor," criticizes Memphis City Council members Kemp Conrad and Reid Hedgepeth for seeking to help balance the budget by outsourcing the city's sanitation services.

What's raising eyebrows is the video includes photos of the council member's wives and children.

Wharton has launched a probe to find out the identity of "TennesseeLabor."

And the case escalated on Twitter.

Twitter user PictureManeCain posted a message on June 8, wishing Councilman Myron Lowery would "die in his sleep tonight!!!!" Followed by the sanitation worker slogan "I am a MAN!!!"
(full story incl. video at wmctv.com)

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