Overspending Progs Framed In By Reality

Progressives, once again, will set back Dems and America 20 years or more
Democratic senators gathered at a Virginia resort last week to plot political strategy got alarming news from a trusted pollster: Republicans are winning the debate over dealing with the budget deficit.

The Democrats learned that while the public’s top concern is improving the economy, more voters view cutting spending rather than investing as the best way to do so. And right now, they trust Republicans more to do the trimming.

These views were pronounced among independents, whose support Democrats will need in 2012 to hold the Senate, recapture the House and keep President Barack Obama in office.

The data, presented to Democratic senators at their retreat by Geoff Garin, president of Peter D. Hart Research Associates, and obtained by Bloomberg News, highlight a dilemma for Obama and Democrats in the showdown with Republicans over federal spending. They must find a way to show the public they’re willing to cut, and they’re divided over how far to go.
(from bloomberg.com)

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