Jumbo unions are big corporations, too

It is interesting that our Chief Community Organizer and Constitutional Law Professor doesn't seem to have the knowledge (or "couth") to accept a Supreme Court Decision, even though he may disagree with it. If it is one he doesn't like, then he should try to dream up some legislation that will pass Constitutional muster. Poking his finger in the eye of the Supreme Court in a State of the Union speech and then demonstrating his lack of understanding of the decision by claiming some things that are not in fact true certainly gives us some indication of the extent to which he is willing to go to salve his ego.

You would think that after the last time he shot off his mouth without knowing all the facts he would have learned. Apparently not. You remember, that was the one that resulted in turning the White House Grounds into a beer garden.

What is truly interesting (read hypocritical) is the amount of support he received (and continues to receive) from big business (i.e. Unions and other "pressure groups" - like trial lawyers) while at the same time arguing against allowing other big business (i.e. Corporations) to contribute to the individuals of their choice. Surely organizations like SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA, Trial Lawyers Assn. are all "big business". Of course we can always ask if their contributions to the Obama campaign resulted in any (or the expectation of any) preferential treatment.

You know, things like exempting the Unions' "Cadillac" health plans from the extra taxation that others who have high cost health insurance will be subjected to in the pending Health Care legislation. Or perhaps a total unwillingness to even discuss any restrictions against outrageous malpractice suits. Surely all the White House visits recorded by SEIU big shots or the healthy contributions from the Trial Lawyers have no significance in terms of influence on Government policies. It is only Corporations who would stoop to such tactics. Yeah, right ...
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Obama Nominee Exposes SEIU-ACORN Ties

Wade Rathke's union-backed fraud unit too big to fail critics
To many of its critics, the National Labor Relations Board might well be renamed the National Organized Labor Relations Board. That's because this ostensibly impartial federal adjudication body frequently has displayed a discernible pro-union tilt. President Obama is primed to push the NLRB further in that direction given that fully three positions on the five-person board are now vacant.

Of the nominees facing Senate confirmation to fill those slots, by far the most controversial is Craig Becker. As associate general counsel to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO, and as a well-published law professor, Becker has amassed a substantial track record of union partisanship. He's also shown himself, though less than readily, to be an ally of the radical and shady nonprofit network, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

President Obama and Senate Democrats have expressed a desire to place Becker, Pearce and Hayes together in a full-floor Senate approval vote. That way, they can reduce the degree of scrutiny upon Becker. President Obama quite logically supports this three-for-one package deal. From the start of his career, he's operated at the intersection of labor and community activism, with a hard Left turn. And he remembers his friends.

As Union Corruption Update explained in detail several months ago, Obama White House political director, Patrick Gaspard, is a product of both SEIU and ACORN. Were Becker to become part of the administration, he'd be in good company.


SEIU Disavows ACORN, but Long History of Ties Won't Go Away.

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Uncle Sam: STFU

But for a 5-4 SCOTUS ruling, Fascism would rule


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Leading Chicago Prog-Socialists cited

Meet friends-of-Barack, the Schakowsky-Creamers
U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky advising Scott Lee Cohen on the mud slung in politics

Geez, of all people to advise Cohen to step aside because of the mud slung in politics.

Schakowsky's husband Bob Creamer did some hard-time down at Terre Haute for a check kiting scheme and the two of them still walk tall.

If Schakowsky's calling shots here, Cohen oughtta stay. Who's Schakosky and Creamer to talk.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi Workout Video

'Sweatin' to the Socialists' strengthens the Left side


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