Lamest Duck Press Conference Ever

Throwing Obama Under the Ruling Class Bus

Worst press conference -- ever

By Jennifer Rubin

I don't mean just for Obama. I mean any president. Or head of state. When I wrote this morning that he doesn't do well in defeat, you didn't know how right I was, huh? Let's count the ways.

Calling Republicans "hostage takers." Not helpful. Saying Republicans opposed middle class tax cuts. Not true -- they wanted no tax increases for anyone. Accusing Republicans of holding out tax cuts for the rich as the "Holy grail." Also wrong. As Republican strategist Mike Goldfarb tweeted, and as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has said, beating Obama in 2012 is the Holy Grail. Then Obama started ranting at the media and bashing the left, which, if we are to believe statements from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, seems poised to abandon him on this. Obama also dragged in the "public option" for no apparent reason other than to remind everyone of the last time he disappointed liberals. Admitting he's had a whole bunch of lines in the sand. Umm. Thunk.

On Twitter, there is shock and awe among pundits and reporters. Is Obama melting down? Has he lost control of the conversation? Yikes. Whoever let him go out there and do this rant-a-thon should be fired. Oh, was it Obama's idea? I think his own party is indeed going to go into "riot mode." A House GOP leadership aide pronounced the performance "angry" and out-of-touch. That's being generous.

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